Cat Power Tower Releases Three New Models!

I didn’t think my sunroom could get any better, but then my parents set up the Cat Power Tower (CPT). Lazy Leopard and I have had so Cat Power Tower  Gracey and Lazy Leopardmuch fun on the CPT that I have almost forgotten  about chomping the Fig Tree and the Office Cactus in the three months I have now been enjoying my Cat Power Tower.

My favorite is the bird carousal.  Those feathers tease me and I can really let them have it without hurting myself or the feathers.  But there are many other reasons to enjoy the CPT as  discussed in my interview with Pat, the  CEC (Chief Executive Cat) at Cat Power Tower.

My parents have  noticed that I am more playful these days.  Exercise is good for everyone and the CPT added more activity to my day. My parents also  said the CPT is helping to keep me out of mischief.

Many of you expressed an interest in the Cat Power Tower but were worried that you might not have enough space for the 3 tier tower or that it might not be in your budget. So, Pat, being a cat, therefore inherently super smart, created three new models of the CPT. Perhaps one of these new models will fit your feline needs.

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Cat Power Tower! The Ultimate Cat Entertainment Center

Friends, Please give a warm welcome to Pat, the  feline behind the creation of the  Cat Power Tower.

GRACEY: Pat, first I want to welcome you to our Conservation Cub Club. I am truly honored to be interviewing  a creative genius. Not only are you the Chief Feline Officer at Cat Power Tower, weren’t you also instrumental in the design of the Cat Power Tower (CPT)?

PAT: The honor is mine Gracey. Yes, I had a paw in the creation of the Cat Power Tower. I started out as product inspirer, and then moved up to product tester. Now I’m actually the company’s CEC (Chief Executive Cat), but I think I like Chief Feline Officer (CFO) better! It sounds more feminine and with my name being Pat, I’ve been mistaken as a boy by some of my Facebook friends.

GRACEY: Oh, I like that term  product inspirer!  I thought you had to be involved, because only a feline mind could create such a fantastic cat entertainment center. Ask your dad if you can have both the CEC (Chief Executive Cat) and the CFO (Chief Feline Officer) titles at Wiser Pet Products. That way you won’t be giving up any power!  What first inspired you to create the Cat Power Tower?