Tiger Eyes Through the Leaves

Tigers looking through leavesFriends, I have had some time to prepare for my latest tiger imitation.  This particular imitation took longer than usual due to the inaccessibility of the plants in my habitat.  All of the snow and rain of late, made me long for sunny days when the grass is green and the trees have leaves. One thing led to another and I now proudly present to you my Tiger Eyes through the Leaves imitation.

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The Tiniest Tiger’s Valentine Imitation

Happy Valentine’s Week-end Friends!

I am presenting you with my The Tiniest Tiger’s Valentine  Imitation.

I know it is the week end and you like to take it easy so I apologize for making this one so rough on you.

Take your time and try to decide if I (me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger) am on the left or on the right.

Both Tigers are snuggled up with a Friend, have nice whiskers, pink noses with a little stain, and are smiling.

Super tough.  Take your time.

Tigers Waiting for Turkey Happy Thanksgiving

gracey imitation waiting for turkeyFriends, I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  While you wait for your turkey dinner today, I thought I would show you my latest The Tiniest Tiger imitation.  Take your time.  Notice how we both us use our front legs and tails to balance ourselves on our perches.  We both are keeping a close eye on the oven, I mean our prey. Our ears are ready to pick up the slightest creaking of the floor board, I mean snapping of twigs.  You might need to try again after you take a long nap.  My imitations are getting better all the time, so don’t feel too badly if you aren’t sure which is me Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger.


Wishing you all a day filled with Love, Naps and Snacks!

Tiger Teeth

Happy Tiger Imitation Tuesday.   This imitation of mine proved quite difficult for most of you. I am taking the opportunity to show you my Tiger Teeth Imitation  so you can try again.   I know, I wish I could help you out a little more because our teeth look exactly the same, don’t they?  And our chins, and whiskers, and even our stained pink noses, same, same, same.  ~sigh~  Do your best and take your time.  I have placed a subtle hint to help those of you that are feeling hopeless.

Many Friends have asked me about their own Cat’s teeth.  I want to refer  you to our good Friends at Paws and Effect. There you will find an interesting article “Why does my cat’s breath smell like fish?   Great information for your parents to know about keeping our teeth in working order. As you know chomping chow is one of my favorite things to do, so keeping my teeth healthy is important.

My breath doesn’t smell like fish because I don’t get to eat fish ever because of my allergies.

Alright, now try and decide which is me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger.

Am I on the left or the right?

And if you smell something fishy, check out Paws and Effect’s post for some fresh breath tips.  If you smell something fishy because you have found a dead fish wrapped in a newspaper in your bed, well I don’t know if I can help you.  You might need to ask for assistance from one of our big cat cousins, I am thinking Jaguar.

Thank you everyone.  Meow for Now!


The Tiniest Tiger Tuesday Tiger Imitaion!

Welcome Friends to The Tiniest Tiger Tuesday Tiger Imitation!

I thought about giving you a little time off after you were trying so hard to figure out Whoops! Wednesday.  There were some pretty good guesses, but sadly, none of them were even close.  Don’t worry though, you will see tomorrow when Whoops! Wednesday arrives.

In the mean time, try to  concentrate and decide which is me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and which is our big cat cousin living at Big Cat Rescue.  Am I on the left?  Or am I on the right?  We both have a few stripes running down between our ears so that makes this imitation even more difficult.   Take your time.  I will be here napping…I meant thinking and working all day. Good Luck.  Meow for Now.


The Tiniest Tiger’s Lazy Leopard Look Alike Test

Friends, Lazy Leopard and I were checking up on our big cat cousins at Big Cat Rescue this morning.   We got super excited when we saw that Big Cat Rescue posted a photo of their very own Lazy Leopard!  Now  let’s see if you can tell the difference between my Lazy Leopard and the Lazy Leopard that lives at Big Cat Rescue.  Take your time.  I know it is really difficult.  Lazy Leopard has really learned a lot from my Tiger Imitations, don’t you think?


The Tiniest Tiger’s Tiger Imitation on..Thursday.

Friends, my latest Tiger Imitation  might just be the hardest one yet.  I got a little behind with the thunder and lightening around my habitat these last couple of days.  But finally, it is The Tiniest Tiger Tuesday on Thursday this week. ~phew~

So, take a close look.  Notice we both have stained pink noses, white chins and penetrating green eyes.  Take your time as always deciding whether I (me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger) am on the left or on the right.  Good Luck Everyone!  Meow for Now!


TTT’s Tiger Imitation! I know…it’s Thursday

Friends, even though the days of the week fall the same every single week, sometimes I lose track of them.  So here it is Thursday already and I am just now posting my latest, greatest The Tiniest Tiger’s Tiger Tuesday Imitation.

I am especially nervous about my newest imitation because last week’s imitation caught the attention of   TPPC.tv!  TPPC.tv is a  Blog for Pet Lovers, Woofy Woo! Pet News, Celebrity Pet Gossip, Dog & Cat Stories and Exclusive TPPC.tv Pet Web TV News for Insiders! In fact they picked TTT’s Conservation Cub Club as the Pet Blog of the Week.  ~exciting~

So I now present to you my latest Tiger imitation. Notice the same leg placement,  half opened eyes and the tilt of our heads.  Boy I really made it tough on you today.  But just in case you think I look too thin and that gives away the answer, make sure that you suggest  to my parents that they feed me a little more vanilla ice cream.

OK, take your time, relax and try to decide whether I (me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger) am on the left or the right.  God Luck Everyone!


The Tiniest Tiger Tuesday! Hanging out with Friends.

Friends, today you have double the trouble. Lazy Leopard and I are doing our best Tiger imitation duet. This one might be a little easier for you because Lazy Leopard’s disruptive pattern is so different than a Tiger’s. He is very proud of his spots and did not want to change to stripes. We cats can be stubborn. We hope you enjoy The Tiniest Tiger Tuesday imitation and your day. Thank you everyone. Meow for now.

The Tiniest Tiger Tuesday!

Friends, I present to you my latest Tiger imitation. Here we are both relaxing but still keeping a watchful eye on our surroundings. I know this will be particularly rough for those of you recovering from the holiday. There is no hurry, just take your time and concentrate. Then try to decide if I (Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger) am on the left or the right.
Thank you everyone. Meow for Now and Good Luck.