My Heart Cat and Necklace Giveaway

crouching gracey 600

Gracey, My Heart Cat

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Cats and Fall. Two of My Favorite Things

Annie sitting pretty

Fall Feels Like a New Beginning

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How We Spend the Day With Our Cats #sponsored

Annie and Eddie close up

Eddie and Annie

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Cat Nap Sunday

Annie birdwatching on CPT

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The Cute Cat Face Mug Giveaway


This Cute Cat Face Mug Will Brighten Your Day

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9 Little Things We Love About Our Cat Mercy

Mercy portrait

Mercy Today

Mercy’s Story as Told by Gracey

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Two Curious Cats Annie and Eddie’s First Snow Day

Annie and Eddie See Snow!

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Black Cats Bring Good Luck. Here’s the Proof

Black Cats Bring Good Luck

Mercy Gracey Halloween Collage

Mercy and me in my Mercy Costume

The Scottish believe that the random appearance of a black cat at your doorstep foreshadows prosperity. Since my mom is of Scottish descent,  she and my dad must have known that when my brother Mercy was just a tiny little kitten fending for himself in the alley behind our old house, he was going to bring joy, love and happiness into our family.

Mercy, a black cat, was born into a feral cat colony that occupied the alley behind our house. He was a  super tiny little kitten when he first popped up by the feeding rock. This was a rock hidden from the view of a mean neighbor that didn’t like that my parents were feeding the alley cats.   My parents were smitten by him.  My dad said that he would jump up on top of the rock and shake his back end from side to side to keep the other cats  two to three times the size of him off the rock until he got his share of the food. My parents couldn’t stand the thought of little Mercy  fending for himself in the alley, so they caught him, got  him cleaned up and off to visit the doctors at the Morris Veterinary Clinic.  Mercy was a healthy kitten and Dr. G even said that if we didn’t want to keep him,  he would take him because he could already tell that he was super smart and was going to be a great cat with a sweet personality.  And Dr. G was right!

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Gracey & Mercy Weigh In Take Your Cat to the Vet Week

Sometimes to be honest, I find myself a little envious of Mercy. He doesn’t have any food allergies and he doesn’t have feline diabetes. This means that he can pretty much eat any food he desires.  My diet is limited to low allergen prescription chow and wet limited ingredient duck and pea. Now keeping two things in mind, Mercy doesn’t get to run amok in the house and eat anything he finds, and I actually like my duck and pea and my chow so most of the time I am ok with things.

However, Mercy gets to try all the new snacks. Last month he got to chomp  some Innova cat treats, and he gets to eat Greenies.  He gets to snack, snack snack! In fact, Mercy, like my dad, could be classified as a “Snackasaurus” !

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INNOVA Coupon Giveaway!

Gracey's cousin Mercy


My cousin Mercy is super lucky. Not only was he rescued by my parents from the back alley when he was just a tiny kitten, but he does not have any food allergies or feline diabetes so when I receive super exciting food products in the mail to review, I rely on Mercy to test out the delicious food and treats.  I try not to be envious of him, but if I am completely  honest, I am just a little bit.

Mercy gave his approval for the Innova cat treats that came in the box.  He said they were super tasty and they are made with chicken, turkey, eggs potato, rice, apples and carrot. In fact, he gobbled them up pretty quickly.

Innova was the first holistic, natural pet food on the market when it started in 1993. The #1 ingredient in Innova products is always high quality protein. Their food contains no artificial colors or preservatives, meat by-products, fillers, wheat, corn or soy.  I know that many of you have expressed concern over the ingredients in your cat’s food, so knowing that this food contains only what your cat needs  needs and nothing that they don’t is great news, isn’t it?

Innova dog and cat food is produced in Fremont, Nebraska, right in the heartland.  There are over 100 quality control checks that are conducted throughout the manufacturing process. All ingredients are tested for safety and nutritional value even before they enter the plant.  Because Innova is dedicated to  manufacturing standards, you can feed your cat with confidence!

The nice folks from Innova sent me Innova Coupons for a FREE BAG of Cat or Dog food up to 6.6 lbs!  They even sent me the envelopes with the stamps already on them to make it super easy for me to drop the coupons in the mail to two lucky readers!  See, their quality checks are in place even in their coupon giveaways!

Innova Products for CatsSo, here is all you have to do.

Leave a comment here below this post about why you would like to try a free bag of Innova for your family member.

Leave your comment by  July 31, 2011.

The recipients of the coupons will be drawn by random number generator on August 1, 2011 and will be on their way via Mailman Phil and the USPS.  Hurrah!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageThe Winners of the Innova Coupon Giveaway are Rose Saunders and Elizabeth Flynn!

Super Hurrah!

*Innova gave us the coupons for one free bag of Innova cat or dog food up to 6.6 lbs.