The CatIt Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Cat Toy Giveaway

Eddie claims the CatIt Super Roller

This is my CatIt Super Roller Circuit

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Ice Cream and CupCakes for Cats! Imperial Cat Toy Giveaway

catnip cupcake giveaway image

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How to Get Your Cat to Go Back to the Litter Box Giveaway

Cat Litter Attractant Simple Solution

Is your cat going outside the litter box?

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Keep Calm and Treat Your Cat! #PawNatural Review

Eddie looks at ONP Treats

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Trendy Pet Whisker Stress Free Cat Bowl Giveaway

Annie with Trendy Pet WSF Bowl

Annie eating whisker-stress free from the Trendy Pet Whisker Stress Free Bowl

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Come on Spring Fling-ama-String Giveaway

 We Play Fling-ama-String While We Wait on Spring!

fling-ama-string in action

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Satisfy Your Cat’s Hunting Instinct. AiKiou Stimulo Giveaway

AiKiou Stimulo

Satisfy Your Cat’s Hunting Instinct

Your cat is hard-wired to hunt yet many cats living indoors might find themselves bored and that is when they get into mischief.  Cats need to explore, chase, pounce and prey to be happy.  One way to help satisfy your cat’s true nature is by introducing an interactive feeder.

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Kittyo: Play With Your Cat Even When You’re Not Home



Kittyo™ Playtime. Anytime.

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How to Calm An Anxious Cat? ThunderSpray Brings Relief for Maggie



Maggie in sunroom



Maggie Needs a Little Help to Relieve Her Stress

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DIY Puzzle Feeders Help Bring Out TheTrue Nature of Cats

Help bring out your cats natural instinct as hunters

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