Enter Your Cat in the #PetPraising Sweepstakes!

Annie The Tiniest Tiger #PetPraising

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Keeping Your Cat Fit By Having Fun!

Annie on the hunt

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Creating a Healthy Environment For Your Cat #BetterWithPets

Happy kitty in Purina cat room

Happy in the Cat Room

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Purina Pet Haven Is Manhattan’s 1st Dog Park in a Domestic Violence Shelter

Ribbon Cutting Purina Pet Haven URI

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Purina Leads the Pack Promoting #PetsAtWork


Purina Pets at Work

Aerial photo of employees with their pets at Purina Headquarters in St. Louis .
Photo courtesy of Nestle Purina.

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ProPlan GoPro Hero Giveaway #CatsTrueNature

Annie stalking birds

Annie stalking birds

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People and Animals Living Safely #BetterWithPets

Better With Pets Banner

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Relieving Pain in Pets by Dr. Robin Downing from #BetterwithPets

better with petsOne of the speakers during Purina’s Better with Pets Summit, 2013 was Dr. Robin Downing. Dr. Downing has devoted her career to studying pet pain. She discussed myths about pain and aging and what we can do to help our aging pets mature gracefully.
Dr. Downing’s talk really hit home for me. I couldn’t help but think about Gracey and hoping that I had done everything possible to help her remain pain free. We all have moments where we wonder if we did all we could for our loved ones.

Listen to Dr. Downing talk to us about how to prevent our pets from suffering. She reminds us that aging is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

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The Art and Inspiration Behind Simon’s Cat #BetterWithPets

better with petsPurina brought together remarkable thinkers and doers in a TED conference format for a day to advance the way we think about pets. I am so grateful I was invited by Purina to attend the Better With Pets Summit that was held in New York City last November.  The day was filled with amazing speakers and the experience was one of a kind as we all listened, learned and shared ideas on the why and how pets enrich our lives.  Typically at the end of an intense day of meetings one might feel spent, but after this day of amazing speakers we felt energized knowing how much progress is being made in improving the lives of people and their pets.

One of the  speakers was Simon Tofield, the creator of Simon’s Cat.  Simon’s Cat is a favorite in our community and after having the honor of meeting Simon,  I like him even more.  I could try to explain how endearing Simon Toflield is, but I wouldn’t be able to convey the warmth and joy of watching him draw along with his obvious love for the cats that share his home, but I don’t need to because Purina has made the presentation videos available for you.

I think you will enjoy watching Simon’s presentation as much as I did.

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Win $25 Gift Card to Target from Project Pet Slim Down

Does Your Cat Need Project Pet Slim Down?

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image

Super Hurrah! Congratulations to Dina, the winner of the $25 Target Gift Card. Thank you to everyone for participating.

Project Pet Slim Down

My parents might say a lot of things about me like; I am mischievous, talkative and smart but one thing I am not, is a fat cat.  I am the perfect Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and the Scaleweight for my body type.   There was a time when I was a bit too thin when I was recovering from pancreatitis, but now I am wearing my 7 pounds well.  My brother Mercy, well…. ok.. he is also at a good weight for his body type.  Weighing in at 10.4 lbs. our doctors tell us he is in great shape.  He is just a bigger cat than I am, bigger boned and he really is. He is not just saying he is big boned to try to cover up the fact that he might be a bit chunky from all of those treats my grandma gives him.  But Mercy and I are in the minority of cats in the United States. Did you know that 55% of cats in the United State are overweight or obese?

In fact, it is not just cats, dogs too are overweight too even with all that in and out bathroom business and organized walking they do.  It has gotten so out of control that there is now an Association for Pet Obesity Prevention and the 2011 Pet Obesity Study found that 93 million cats and dogs are considered overweight or obese.

Friends, it is time that we all face the numbers on the scale.

Because we might need a little help getting started Purina teamed up with Target to create Project:Pet Slim Down. Purina created this online program to help your cat and dog lose weight. Cats and dogs at a healthy weight enjoy happier lives and Purina made it a mission to help every pet parent enable their cat and dog to achieve that weight.   [Read more…]