Daily Kibble’s 26 Acts of Kindness to Share the Love

Ann Curry sparks 26 Acts of Kindness Movement

Ann Curry, NBC News correspondent asked herself, after the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, what

she could do. And she thought performing 26 acts of kindness, one act for each child and teacher who lost their life that day, would be a small gesture to honor the victims.

Ann then invited everyone to join her by sharing the idea on social media. Within a few days  the hashtag “#26acts” was trending on Twitter and a “26 Acts of Kindness” Facebook page began to grow. People began to tweet Curry with photos and descriptions of their acts of kindness such as paying for parking meters, tolls and leaving larger than usual tips.

Curry wrote on the NBC News website that the movement is a way to “help heal us all.”

Daily Kibble’s 26 Acts of Kindness Contest

The Daily Kibble Image

The Daily Kibble

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Check Get Notifications to See Facebook Updates in News Feed

Check Get Notifications for The Tiniest Tiger Updates in your News Feed.

screen shot The Tiniest Tiger fb

The Tiniest Tiger Facebook Page

Friends have been sending me messages telling me they are not seeing my updates from The Tiniest Tiger’s Facebook page in their News Feed.  You might not know that  Facebook has a new feature for members of our community to opt in to receive notifications every time a post is made on The Tiniest Tiger page. And this is not just for The Tiniest Tiger page of course, but for all the pages that you want to stay in touch with to make sure you are up to date with tall the latest news.

Here’s How to Check Get Notifications

1) Get Notifications is off by default, so you will need to go to The Tiniest Tiger page.

2) Hover your mouse over the Liked button

3) Then click on the Get Notifications.  Just like in the image below:

get notification page

Notification Image from AllFacebook.com via Brittany Darwell

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Keeping Your Home Cat and Human Friendly

Cat and Human Friendly Spaces

I am willing to bet that your home is like ours. I bet your little ones influence the items you choose for your living space.  Gracey on top of Cat Power TowerSometimes Paul and I wonder how a little seven pound cat took over our home, but the truth is, we adore Gracey, as you might have already guessed. If we are not vigilant, Gracey’s items begin to take over our living space.

When we moved a few years ago,  we made sure that our new space would be cat friendly. This took some planning and we endured some interesting looks from the contractors. We were even told that he wanted to be the cat that lived in our home. You will find helpful suggestions for moving to and exploring a new neighborhood with your pet, whether you are living, looking or moving, Apartment Guide will point you in the right direction.

Thankfully there are many great choices in furnishing to keep both your cat and you happy and living in style. We chose the Cat Power Tower for added vertical space for Gracey to climb and play without sacrificing  style. If you are in need of more help, the folks at Apartment Guide also have lots of tips for bringing a new pet into your apartment and helping them adjust to your home. And if you are looking of a new space to move with your pet, Apartment Guide has the photos, floor plans, features and tips to help you search for the perfect pet-friendly apartment community.

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Sturdi Product’s Star Style Red Carpet Cat Giveaway!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah and Congratulations to Raine!

Sturdi Products Have Star Quality Style!

SturdiBag and Gracey

Now you can travel in style too!  The terrific folks at Sturdi Products are giving one lucky member of The Tiniest Tiger community a Sturdi Pop-Up Shelter from their Wild Side Collection!  And in Tiger Print! I know you have to be super excited now.

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Emmy Red Carpet Cat Blog Tour 2012

The Red Carpet Cat VIP Emmy Blog Tour Has Begun!

Emmy RSVP Header

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Red Carpet Cat Emmy Sponsors! MeWow!

The Red Carpet Cat Emmy Event Almost Here!

Emmy logo with Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

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BarkWorld is for Cats Too!

Even thought the name is BarkWorld……

it doesn’t mean cats aren’t welcome!  In fact cat lovers are encouraged to attend BarkWorld and the 2012 conference will be the cats pajamas!  We are speaking at the 2012 BarkWorld one of   our favorite cat lovers, Miss Moderncat is giving a presentation too. Super Hurrah!


About BarkWorld!

BarkWorld Expo was created by Denise Quashie, Social Media Strategist for Socially Planned.  When Denise’s dog, Frankie Beans began to Twitter she realized there was a big pet loving community using social media. Being an award-winning event & social media producer, Denise decided to create a conference for this community.   BarkWorld Expo has continued to grow since it began in 2009, and has become a  strong online support for the cause of sharing and educating pet lovers within social media.

Stay tuned to learn more about what is being planned for the feline inclined!

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Announcing the #RedCarpetCat Twitter Party!

Red Carpet Badge Update

A Special Message from our Friends at Event Barkers!

We are super, super excited to announce a new Twitter party that we, as part of Event Barkers, are hosting! On Wednesday February 22, we’ll be hosting the #RedCarpetCat Twitter party coming to you LIVE from Hollywood!!
Everyone in the cat world knows Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger from her Conservation Cub Club; Gracey will take to the red carpet for a special event leading up to the Oscars. Gracey will be giving out her brand-new The Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag filled with goodies from sponsors to pet-loving A-list celebrities.
To celebrate The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag’s debut on the red carpet, we’re hosting a special Twitter party! You can mingle with the stars as Gracey tweets photos of herself on the red carpet and you’ll be eligible to win prizes in giveaways every 10 minutes!
Also on the party will be Jackson Galaxy, the Cat Daddy himself! The star of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell” will be live tweeting along with Gracey during the party!
Are you ready to party and walk the red carpet? RSVP in the linky below with your Twitter handle. (Don’t have a Twitter account yet? It’s quick and easy to sign up for one at Twitter.com and you’ll be all set for the big night!)
Stay tuned for special giveaways leading up to the party and Hollywood swag every 10 minutes during the party itself. Step one, though is to RSVP below.

How to RSVP

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Gracey & The Pope Social Media

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Gracey and The Pope

Pope BenedictToday the Pope was very interested in catching up on the latest social media trends.  He had a lot of questions for me about Facebook because he knows that I chat with my Friends via The Tiniest Tiger’s Facebook page.

I told him that we all care for cats big and small, and he reminded me that we must care for all earth’s creatures.  I assured him that we do care for all living beings.  Then I got a nice scratch behind my ears.

You can also follow the Vatican News on twitter.  I don’t know why but when I think about the Cardinals tweeting it makes me laugh.

The Pope has a lot of people offering up their advice. I don’t know how he can sort it all out.  There is a lot of information in the digital world and in the printed material world too.  I was getting sleepy listening to so many different topics.  I was afraid that I was going to yawn and I didn’t want to give off the appearance that I was bored or tired, but I really was tired. [Read more…]

Lazy Leopard’s Twitter Trouble

Gracey looking steamed on her scratcher Friends, I have tried to warn Lazy Leopard to be careful what he shares on his twitter account.  Bad Kitty didn’t want him to get his own account just for this very reason.  You see, Lazy Leopard is somewhat ornery.  He likes to have fun and sometimes he just doesn’t think ahead before he acts.

The  laptop computer was left unattended today and it was just enough time for Lazy Leopard to set up  his account and send out his first tweet.  Not only did he send out a tweet, but he attached an image of himself with the tweet. Now this image is out in space and can be viewed by any feline, large or small.

We know that Lazy Leopard was just acting silly, but this photo, with his come hither eyes, his tail curled around him and his paws stretched out might be interpreted as inappropriate for young kittens.

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