Behind The Scenes At The Elephant Nursery #WorldElephantDay

elephants single file

The baby elephants line up single file

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Why Burning Ivory is The Right Thing to Do. #WorthMoreAlive

Elephants in Amboseli National Park

Elephants in Amboseli National Park

Did you know that an elephant is murdered every 15 minutes for their tusks?

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Protection for the Lion Under Endangered Species Act

Lion Heart of AFrica

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A Letter from Lipap, Your Lion Guardian

Philip J. Briggs Lion Paw and Gracey Paw

We are grateful for those that care for all cats, big and small

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The Cheetah Handbag Giveaway

International Cheetah day

International Cheetah Day

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Meet Baby Elephant Lasayen at the DSWT #GivingTuesday

Lasayen DSWT


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Panthera’s PoacherCam Protects Wild Tigers #GivingTuesday

Tiger straight forward

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Your Cheetah Update for Amani

Amani Cheetah CCF

Amani, your cheetah. Photo Credits: Bobby Bradley

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For Freya, Amani, Lentili and The Lion Guardians this Giving Tuesday

For Freya

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Cats Learn Fun Facts About Reindeer

Annie and Eddie are waiting for Santa

Annie and Eddie waiting for Santa

Reindeer are popular during the Christmas season. We see them in movies, in Christmas displays, on holiday greeting cards and of course pulling Santa’s sleigh.  But in northern Scandinavia, reindeer are a part of everyday life for the Sami people of Lapland. Lapland is the Arctic homeland of the indigenous Sami people of Norway, Sweden, Finland and northwest Russia.

Since it is Annie and Eddie’s first Christmas Eve and they are anxiously waiting for Santa, even though Annie’s naughty tally might total more than her nice, we thought it would be fun to talk to the kittens about a few interesting things about reindeer.

Fun Facts About Reindeer

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