Sweet Skittles in NJ in Need of Home NO MORE!

Update on our cousin Skittles in NJ  January 12, 2011

Our cousin is doing extremely well and his dad Anthony says he is a “sweetie”

Anthony changed his name to Nero, because it suited him better especially now that he is playing, and snuggling and purring. No longer skittish around his new family.

Super Hurrah!


December 21,2010.  Update on our Friend Sweet Skittles in NJ!

His Hero Anthony has decided to try and work Skittles into his loving home. Looks like Skittles already worked his way into Anthony’s heart!

Thank you Anthony for rescuing our cousin Skittles!

Here is Anthony’s mesaage:

“Quick update…Skittles is out of the emergency clinic. I decided to keep him at home until someone comes forward to foster or adopt him. He’s still very shy, very timid, and growls and hisses whenever anyone gets near him. He has a very nice big enclosed Kennel-Aire cat condo to stay in until he can get adjusted to his new surroundings.

My other cats aren’t aware that he is here yet, as the door to his room is kept closed for now, and they just going about their business downstairs.

So who knows, if things work out, he’s more than welcome to stay for good”

Friends, I received this letter from one of our cousins in New Jersey.  Is there anyone willing to open their heart and their habitat to our little cousin in need?  Below is a photo of Skittles and the letter he sent me.

Thank you everyone for caring and sharing to find him a home.

Please email als@paracom.net if you are willing to open your home to Skittles.

Dear Cousin Gracey,

I asked my caretaker to send you this story. He said it might help me find a home. They call me Skittles at the emergency hospital but I’m not sure who I am. I’ve been here a week, but every day I wonder what will happen to me.

Here’s my story.

I woke up on December 7…but I don’t remember who I am or where I belong. They tell me I was found on a cold busy street in northern NJ, I think i was hit by a car and left there in the street. Car after car went by. I don’t know how long I was laying there in the freezing cold, bleeding, and in shock. I pretty much blacked-out after I got hit…but suddenly I started waking up.

I remember being in someone’s car. It was warm. But I was confused and hurt and still bleeding. I tried to crawl up onto the man’s lap. I could tell other cats had been around him and in the car before.

Suddenly I saw two ladies in funny pink pants and shirts with little cats on them open the car door and grab me with a towel. I was put on a cold metal table. My head was killing me and I was still bleeding. They tried to calm me down but I was in soooo much pain I couldn’t think. But a nice lady came in and started checking me out and taking black and white pictures of my body.

She said I had lots of boo-boos on my head but my arms and legs were ok.  I’m eating now…much better than the mice I had to find for myself before. They took my blood and I overheard them say I don’t have Leukemia or FIV. I think that’s a good thing. But they kept me on lots of medicine to make my head feel better and make sure I didn’t get worse.

I’m still very scared and I don’t trust people. Like I said, I don’t remember who I am. I’m not even sure how old I am. I heard people at the hospital say I might be as old as 2 but that I’m still kind of little so I might be younger. HRMPH!

I don’t know if I had any caretakers before or if I was born in the wild. I get very angry and make a fuss when people get near my cage and try to grab me. But when I’m held I feel very comfortable and I don’t want to move. I love being petted very carefully.

It seems that these humans can be friendly and some can be mean. I mean, I think i was hurt by a human, but I was saved by a human and I have been taken care of by humans. Maybe I can learn to trust some if I meet the right ones and spend a lot of time with them.

When I groom myself, I can tell I have short black fur. In fact everyone was marveling at how good my coat looks for my condition. Oh and I’m a boy. I can tell I still have all my boy parts.

I may have eaten some spiders before, but I’m not sure what this web thing is they talk about, but I understand you have a web you can use to get in touch with a lot of people who might be able to help me. Around here all the foster homes and shelters are full. The man who saved me would love to keep me but he can’t. I think it has to do with the other cats I smelled on him while in his car.

He has put a lot of money into getting me well and thinks I can make a great friend for someone with a quiet home and a lot of patience to help me. I really don’t want to go back to the cold weather and have to hunt my own food and find my own water but I guess I’ll have to if I can’t find the right humans to take care of me.

Time is running out because I will be let out of the hospital soon and have nowhere to go 🙁 Do you think you can help a cousin in need? I have included a picture of my adorable face….I look even cuter, but hey I was in the hospital.

Thank you,”Skittles”

Iams Home 4 the Holidays! Help The Tiniest Tiger Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs by just leaving a Comment!

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Iams Home 4 the Holidays! Your comments and photos uploaded on our The Tiniest Tiger Facebook page generated a total of:

32,375 MEALS for our Cousins in Need!

Thank you Iams and Thank you Friends!  Super Hurrah!!

Helen Woodward has partnered with Iams to make Home 4 the Holdiays a worldwide movement. This year’s goal is to adopt 1.5 million animals and donate 5 million bowls of food to shelters in need and we can be a part of this movement and it is super easy for us!

Friends, we are now entering into the Holiday Season, and this time of year is extra special for me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger because it was on Christmas Eve that my parents found me on the cold wet cement floor of the local dog pound.  Some mean person tossed me out and I was not even weaned. I was shivering and sad when my mom scooped me up and tucked me under her coat.  Her warm sweater made me purr and I snuggled against her while they drove me to my new habitat.  I was super lucky and I never forget how fortunate I am to have a loving home and that is why I want to tell you about our Friends at Iams Bags 4 Bowls program.

Images by Miss Mindy

Please tell us your pet adoption story in the comments section under this post now through November  12 and Iams will donate 25 bowls of food for each post!

Our Friend Michele at Pet News and Views did a fantastic job providing meals for cats and dogs and now it is our turn to follow in her paw prints and try to help our cousins in need.

Here is how it works:

Post a comment here.

That’s all you have to do, honest! Comment on this post and Iams will donate 25 meals to a shelter in need. Any comment counts. (Only one per Friend!)

Please pounce on all of  your Facebook Friends because we  have ONE WEEK to gather comments. My goal between now and November 12th is 100 comments. Our new goal is 200! We did it! Our new goal is 300! Hurrah! Our new goal is 400! We did it! Super Hurrah! Our new goal is 500! WE DID IT!!! Super Duper Hurrah! Can we make this happen for our cousins in need?  We can do it!!!

Dr. V from Pawcurious is doing a super job and I thought we could try to feed more animals too.  So because you know I like to play games with you, here is another way that you can feed shelter cats and dogs. Each @Iams tagged photo will generate 50 meals for our cousins in need!!!!

  • “Like” Iams on Facebook.
  • Go to The Tiniest Tiger Facebook Page
  • Upload a photo of your pet with a caption that says Dear @Iams, I am lucky indeed, and want to help feed my cousins in need!
  • Make sure the photo is tagged with @Iams to select their page. That tag is what will generate the 50 meal donation.
  • To get you even more excited, one lucky photo participant will be chosen to receive a Bissell Corded Pet Hair Eraser with my photo on the box!!!

Super Easy and Fun too!  Will you help me help our cousins in need?

Ready?  POUNCE!

The Tiniest Tiger’s CCC Sponsors Tiger Haven’s Bianca!

Friends, I am super excited to tell you that our Conservation Cub Club has just sponsored Bianca, a Tiger at Tiger Haven. Your support by purchasing great products you need from  Gracey’s Avon for Animals enabled our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club to sponsor Bianca!  I thought that it was appropriate that the purchases of Avon’s beauty products helped us  sponsor Bianca the Beautiful!

Tiger Haven depends on the kindness and generosity  of others to keep our rescued big cousins healthy, comfortable and their chow bowls filled. Sponsoring a rescued Great Cat for one year helps provide the special care our big cousins need!

Super Hurrah!


The Tiniest Tiger Asks, “Are You Bee Friendly?”

Friends, I am so relieved when I survey my habitat surroundings and things are a little messy! When the yard, trees and shrubs are too tidy, I can’t help but worry.

I worry because there are many creatures that live in the shrubs, grass and trees and when things are manicured and groomed too much, our small Friends lose their habitats!

And it is not just the mowing and the trimming that I am talking about.  I am worried about the use of pesticides to keep lawns greener than green! Is it really so bad for the grass to be dotted with dandelions and other interesting plants?

Honeybees are responsible for every third bite on your dinner plate!

Did you know that more than fifty billion honeybees have died within the last year in the United States due to Colony Collapse Disorder?

Bees are social creatures but they are also very smart. When they become sick, they do not return to their colony so as not to infect the other bees. But when all the bees are sick and do not return the queen bee is left alone in the hive. She is then helpless and she too perishes.

But what is making our honeybees sick?  I found the answers from our Friends at The Honeybee Conservancy.

A scientific study in 2005 showed that three-quarters of the 66 different pesticides found in one hive were toxic to bees.  But even worse, the combination of the toxins increased the poison as much as by 1000 times. This same study found 121 different pesticides in 887 samples of bees, wax, pollen and hives.  Scientists believe that pesticides are the reason for Colony Collapse Disorder.

The Honeybee Conservancy told me that our bees are harvesting pollen laced with lethal poison and feeding it to their young. Many of these systemic pesticides are from a family of highly toxic chemicals called neonicotinoids. Bees exposed to these chemicals exhibit symptoms similar to humans afflicted with Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s.

Spraying Pesticides- Mosquito Fogging

Another thing that makes my fur stand up is mosquito fogging across municipalities. I am not a scientist as you know, I am Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger, but don’t you think if this poison cloud they disperse all over the land is killing mosquitoes, that it is also killing our honeybees, butterflies, fireflies and countless other beneficial insects?   Don’t you think it is also harming our feral cousins, and quite honestly all creatures both big and small and humans too?

West Nile Virus is listed as a “rare disease” by the Office of Rare Diseases of the National Institutes of Health. According to the  Center for Disease Control in 2008 there were 1030 humans infected with West Nile Virus, 20 fatal cases, in the entire country.  Each year 200,000 people are hospitalized for the flu and 36,000 of them die.  There is not an epidemic of West Nile Virus in our country yet cities are spraying toxic pesticides all over the population and millions of people and animals are suffering from pesticide poisoning each year. Our health is put at a much higher risk of harm from mosquito fogging than it is from West Nile Virus.

Tiny Timmy- Spokescat living with neurological damage from toxins

Tiny Timmy, Spokescat living with neurological damage from toxins

Our Friend Tiny Timmy has been working super hard to let us know about the harmful chemicals in over the counter flea and tick medications for both cats and dogs.  In addition to the chemicals well meaning pet parents place on their pets, there are all the other chemicals within and around your household that you may or may not think about being harmful to you and your pets!

Tiny Timmy told me that in the first study of its kind, the

Environmental Working Group found that:

“Just as children ingest pollutants in tap water, play on lawns with pesticide residues, or breathe in an array of indoor air contaminants, so do their pets. But with their compressed lifespan, developing and aging seven or more times faster than children, pets also develop health problems from exposures much more rapidly.”

Tiny Timmy has posted an Official List of Toxins Killing Animals. I urge you to take a look at this list to help protect you and your loved ones.

And while you are thinking about habitat safety, you might want to check out The Cat Fancier’s Association list of Plants that are Toxic to Cats.

Friends, I know this is a super serious topic.

On this beautiful Sunday I ask you to take a moment and think about your habitat and what you can do to help the honeybees and all living creatures both big and small.  Here is what we are doing at my habitat.

~We do not spray our lawn and gardens~

~We are planting indigenous plants that beneficial insects like our honeybees need.

~We are letting parts of our yard go wild with wildflowers, shrubs, and grasses so wildlife can thrive

To learn more about what you can do go to The Honeybee Conservancy’s Act Now page.

Thank you for reading this extra serious and extra long post from me.  Thank you for being my Friend.  I would love to hear what you are doing to help out our honeybees and all living creatures both big and small.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.


The Tiniest Tiger’s Big Cat Rescue Tile

Friends, We did it! Hurrah!  We united our small paws to feed one of our big cousins at Big Cat Rescue!  Look at the beautiful tile Big Cat Rescue made us to show their appreciation!

We can all be proud that our Small Paws United to Make a Big Difference! It even has our name on the tile.  Aren’t you super proud of our streak?  Who feels like strutting? I know I do.  Or, I can throw dirt out of the fig tree to celebrate.

Thank you everyone! I wonder who will be the first The Tiniest Tiger friend to get their photo with the tile?  Won’t that be exciting too?  You see, Friday the 13th is not unlucky after all.

I can’t wait to show Bad Kitty.  He is going to be so proud of us.


The Tiniest Tiger asks “What will you do to protect Earth’s biodiversity?”


The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. It is a celebration of life on earth and of the value of biodiversity for our lives. The world is invited to take action in 2010 to safeguard the variety of life on earth.

Friends, what will you do to protect Earth’s biodiversity this year?


The Tiniest Tiger Asks You to Be The Change for Animals

Blog the Change

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men”

Francis of Assisi

Today is Be the Change for Animals day!  One day, once a quarter, Be the Change for Animals is asking bloggers to make a special post to talk about what they are passionate about and how they are trying to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Friends of The Tiniest Tiger know that we like to laugh, learn and share in our community. But we also unite our small paws to make a difference. We are approaching the one year anniversary of our The Tiniest Tiger Facebook page and our streak has grown to over 18,000!

Over the past year, The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club has  united their paws to help many of our cousins in need. Our Friend Anna Marie called out to her Friends at The Tiniest Tiger when her beloved Kaydee was suffering from complications after being neutered.  Kaydee’s medical expenses were mounting and Anna Marie was facing a decision about her baby based not on what could be done for him, but for what she could afford.   After exhausting her own resources  something told her to turn to The Tiniest Tiger for help.

Anna Marie’s heart felt plea launched our first united front to help save one of our cousins in need.  The outpouring of support was overwhelming  and Kaydee’s bill was paid in full. Sadly, Kaydee did not survive. He passed away in Anna Marie’s arms knowing that he was loved and his life mattered.   And mattered, indeed. 

Our motto Small Paws United to Make a Big Difference began with Anna Marie and Kaydee. Over the year TTT’s Conservation Cub Club has united to help out many of our Cat Cousins, both big and small.  After winning the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest, we were able to donate $10,000 to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary. We supported, Meow for Mango, Nosetaps for Nancy, Big Cat Rescue and others.  In our 1st year we have been able to donate $17,000 to Cats in need, both big and small.

The quote at the beginning of this post is by Francis of Assisi (Giovanni Francesco Bernardone, 1181-1226)  known as the patron saint of animals and the environment. 

I have his icon hanging in my office to remind me to try to do my best  for all of earth’s creatures both big and small.

Friends of The Tiniest Tiger just this week posted that there was a no-kill shelter in North Carolina in desperate need to stay in operation.  We had just ended our Nosetaps for Nancy ChipIn and were considering waiting a while before posting our next shelter.

But when I saw the name of the North Carolina no kill shelter was  St. Francis Animal Rescue Center and that today was July 15 ” Blog the Change for Animals” day, I realized that there is no time like the present and there is no time to waste when trying to make a difference in the lives of our animals.

Thank you  Blog the Change for Animals and BlogPaws for all that you do.

The Tiniest Tiger’s Nosetaps to Nancy!

Our Friend Nancy is amazing. She takes great care of over 30 of our cousins. She has opened her habitat and shared everything that she has to make sure that our cousins that were once in need, need no more.

Recently, Nancy drove for hours in the heat and rain to rescue a pregnant cat from certain death at a shelter. Even though exhausted when she and the new cat arrived at her home, Nancy made sure all of her cats are fed and loved.

Nancy decided to call the new arrival Joy!

Joy is what Nancy brings to the cats lucky enough to find a a forever home in her habitat. Nancy works very hard to provide for our cousins. This month I would like to honor Nancy by returning some love and affection from her Friends at The Tiniest Tiger.

No amount is too small. Even $1.00 is great! Small paws unite to make a big difference!

Remember to Care for all of Earth’s Creatures, Big and Small.


Friends, Please take a moment this Memorial Day Weekend to remember everyone that has sacrificed their lives for us.

This is the Year of the Tiger. 

In 12 years, will there only be memories of Tigers in the wild?

Please remember to care for all of earth’s creatures, big and small



Small Paws Unite for PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary

Rita at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary

Small Paws Unite for PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary!

Friends, as you know, The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club  cares about All Cats, both Big and Small. Our Big Cat project is to feed a Tiger for 2.5 months at Big Cat Rescue, and we are doing great at 6.5 Weeks. Hurrah!
Our Small Cat project is to help out our Friends at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary.

Our Friend Rita works around the clock caring for our cousins in need.  PurrEver Ranch is a place of refuge for cats that would otherwise perish – the old, the abandoned, the abused, the sick & the suffering.  Rita takes in the “unadoptable”, feed feral colonies, gentle spirits & soothe broken hearts & bones

I wasn’t going to post until April, but PurrEver Ranch and Rita need us now.  Even $1.00 from each of our paws will unite to make a big difference to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary.  Thank you!