Black Cat Appreciation Day! Mercy Me

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

We are celebrating with my brother Mercy today.  He is a beautiful sleek and shiny boy with three white diamond

Gracey's brother Mercy


patches at his chest and on his underside.  He has big  green eyes and a black nose.  Mercy is super sweet, he really is. I think we look alike around the eyes don’t you?

In honor of my brother,  I decided to tell you how Mercy came to be adopted into our family.

Mercy’s Story

Before we moved into our current habitat, we lived in another  habitat, that was a loft style apartment.  There was an alley that ran behind our building, and in this alley lives a feral colony of cats.  Now these cats were taken care of by a few of our neighbors and my parents.  We would feed the cats every day and if we were late, they would come up and knock on the door to remind us.

Not all of our neighbors liked the alley cats.  There was one lady in particular that was super mean.  One day she even had the Mayor trapped in the alley telling her that the cats were ruining her flowers. Now you might think that could be possible, cats will be cats,  but I must tell [Read more…]

Cat Power Tower Shelter & Rescue Donation Program

I already think the world of  Pat, the Chief Executive Cat at Cat Power Tower and now she has given us another reason to adore her! The Cat Power Tower is committed to supporting animal rescues and shelters by donating a Cat Power Tower logoportion of their sales to help them raise money!

Cat Power Tower has partnered with a number of shelters and rescues, they can be found on their website , to help them raise money for their organizations. I am super proud that The Tiniest Tiger has been given the  coupon code “TTT”

If you purchase the original 3-tier Cat Power Tower,  you will save $10 off the purchase price and Pat and her company will donate $40.00 to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary! But because Pat is super terrific she is doubling this offer through the end of August!  So if you purchase the original 3-tier Cat Power Tower, you will save $20 of the purchase price and an $80.00 donation will be made to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary just by using the coupon code “TTT”

Please visit the Cat Power Tower website to find out more about and to see the list of organizations already enrolled in the program.  If your animal shelter or rescue organization is interested in partnering with Pat and the Cat Power Tower to raise money please email for more details and to fill out the sign up form!

Our Cousin Billy Smukalia Needs Our Help

Friends, I am so sorry to tell you that our cousin Billy crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night, 8/9/11.
Thank you for your support and love of Billy. He fought very hard and his parents did every thing they could to help him. Rest in peace sweet Billy knowing that you are loved. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Billy SmukaliaFriends,

I received this email just a few minutes ago and I wanted to share it with you.  If you are able, could you please help Billy’s parents?  Here is the letter.

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Small Paws Unite for St. Francis Animal Rescue Center

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men”

Francis of Assisi

This quote is one of my favorites  by Francis of Assisi (Giovanni Francesco Bernardone, 1181-1226) who is known as the patron saint of animals and the environment. We have this icon hanging in our office to remind us to try and do our best for all of earth’s creatures both big and small.

The purpose of The St. Francis Animal Rescue Center is to rescue unwanted, abandoned and homeless cats in the York County and South Mecklenburg County areas and care for them until the cats can find  homes.  They are a no-kill, cage-free shelter that provides food, housing, veterinary care, immunizations and spaying or neutering for the animals in their care.  They strive to find good, loving permanent homes for the almost 100 cats that currently reside at the shelter. Additionally, they want to increase community awareness of the extent and gravity of the problem of homeless animals in the area.

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since we all chipped in to help our cousins in need at St. Francis Animal Rescue Center. A lot has happened over the last few months and the good news is that Charlene has found a

St. Francis Animal Rescue Center [Read more…]

1 Photo = 2 Iams Premium Protection Meals for PurrEver

When you share a photo of one of your feline family members here on The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club,

Iams will donate  2 Premium Protection Senior Cat Meals

to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary for every photo with a comment.

  • Just go to the comment section below this post.
  • Click where you see +Image below and to the left of the comment box.
  • Upload your photo.
  • Tell us the name of the cat in the photo and if you can tag Iams by typing the @ symbol and then Iams.  @Iams.  Tab to autocomplete.

I posted a photo of Bad Kitty as an example.

Double the Donation!

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1 Comment = 1 Iams Premium Protection Meal for PurrEver

I need your help to feed the cats at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary

Iams Premium Protection for Senior Cats.

I want to tell you how much this means to Rita, the sole caretaker at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary. Rita works super hard and she really appreciates our small paws uniting to make a difference to the cats in her care especially now during this stressful time.  Rita’s daughter, a police officer, was injured in the line of duty.  Let’s help Rita while she recovers from worry and Jess recovers from her injuries.  Thank you everyone!

Here is all you have to do.

Leave a comment telling us; How does your cat let you know it is supper time?

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Earth! Home Sweet Home.

Happy Earth Day to our beloved planet.

Home Sweet Home!

What would we do without it?

Today is the 41st anniversary of Earth Day.  This day is the official reminder to all of earth’s inhabitants to protect our planet from further damage and make every effort you can to clean it up! This year Earth Day falls on the same day as Christian Good Friday and Judaism’s celebration of Passover. For many, this day is a reminder to clean up your spirit as well as your habitat.

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Pouring Love on Cats at PurrEver Ranch

Senior citizens need love too

Older cats, just like older people deserve our love and continued care


The Winners of our  Pouring Love on Cat at PurrEver Ranch have been drawn using a random number generator.

Congratulations to:

VICTORIA TRAUBE winner of a Prize box full of The Tiniest Tiger logo items, The Tiniest Tiger books, and Gracey’s Avon items worth $250.00!

JUDY WARD- winner of the  Bissell Corded Pet Hair Eraser with my photo on the box.

CAROLYN SCHELLHARDT– Winner of a paw-tographed hardcover copy of The Tiniest Tiger.

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Show Me Your Manatee Conservation Poster!

Scroll down to VOTE for your Favorite Manatee Conservation Poster Created By our Friends!

Gracey's Manatee Poster

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger's Manatee Poster

Friends, I need your help in  our Biology in the Age of Technology Class.  As you know we love all animals here on The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club.  This project is to bring awareness to our gentle giant friends, the manatees.  It is super easy to participate and you might even have some fun and one  lucky Manatee Poster Creator will win a prize too! Here is what you need to do.

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Adopt the Internet day!

Congratulations to Fiona, our winner of The Tiniest Tiger Logo Canvas Bag!  Super Hurrah!  Thank you to everyone that participated in Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day!

March 15  is Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day! So today a whole clowder of cat bloggers are going to join paws with stories about pet adoption and happy endings. And as if that isn’t super exciting enough, you can participate too of course!  We want to get the message out to Adopt a Pet!!

Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day

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