Silver Cat Jewelry Valentine’s Day Giveaway

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Silver Cat Jewelry Valentine’s Day Giveaway

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Genesis Awards Celebrities Receive The Tiniest Tiger Hipster

The 26th Genesis Award Celebrity Presenters Gift- The Tiniest Tiger Hipster.

Merrilee from the HSUS with Gracey

Merrilee from the Humane Society of the United States and Flat Gracey

Last month Secret Room Event’s Luxury Lounge honoring the Academy Awards at the L’Ermitage Beverly Hills helped to raise money and awareness for The Humane Society of the United States. The Tiniest Tiger Hipster was part of the Secret Room Event and celebrities attending and  The Humane Society liked the bag so much it was chosen to be part of the gift for the 26th Genesis Award Celebrity Presenters.

We are honored that The Tiniest Tiger Hipster was chosen to be part of the Genesis Award Celebrity Presenters Gift because The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club’s mission is to spread the  message that small paws united can make a big difference.

The Humane Society of the United States pays tribute every year to news and entertainment media for producing outstanding works that raise public awareness about animal issues. The 26th Genesis Awards will be held on Saturday, March 24, 2012 at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

Many Hollywood celebrities are compassionate and love getting

Christa Campbell with The Tiniest Tiger Hipster

Christa Campbell with wearing her The Tiniest Tiger Hipster

together to celebrate the media’s effort to raise awareness about animal issues. Many celebrities that are asked to present  feel that this is the award show where it truly is as much of an honor to present as it is to receive.

Throughout the day, many celebrities stopped by to chat about The Tiniest Tiger and our mission to care for all animals big and small. Everyone was super interested in learning more about how to save our big cat cousins. We had a great time meeting so many nice people too.

Christa Campbell stopped by and she liked The Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag so much she posed for a photo wearing the bag.

HSUS Angela Kinsey of The Office

Angela Kinsey of The Office

Angela Kinsey from The Office is one of the presenters for this year’s Genesis Awards.

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The Tiniest Tiger Prepares to Walk the Red Carpet

The Tiniest Tiger community’s motto is Small Paws United  Can Make a Big Difference! Over the last couple of years since we began with our The Tiniest Tiger Facebook page we have grown to over 24,000 strong and have generated over $30,000 to help both our big  and small cat cousins in need.

When I was in my thinking circle a few months ago, I started to dream about a way to help more of our cousins. I didn’t want to keep asking you for donations because you have all been super generous.  I wanted  to reach outsidecat outline my circle and try something completely new. I thought about my mom and her friend Maureen. Between the two of them they have about 9 Lives worth of experience in product development, production, sales and marketing. They came up with all kinds of wild ideas, but finally when I showed them my sketch of a cat walking with her tail in the air, Triple T Studios was born and I am the CEO, Cat Extraordinarily Optimistic.

When you are on the right path, the pieces start to fall into place. Have you ever noticed this?  I batted the idea in the direction of making a super fun, yet classy line of handbags with a feline finesse.  We wanted to have the bags made in the United States, and if it could be close to my habitat, even better, because you know I am not so fond of traveling in my carrier.

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The Tiniest Tiger’s Happy Cat!

Friends, you asked for my Gracey’s Happy Cat T-shirt and Mug!  Here they are.
I hope you like them!

Plush Gracey Update!


Friends, look what showed up at my habitat! Prototype Plush Kitten Gracey! The fur color with be a grayish brown like me.   This Plush Kitten looks a lot like I did when I was  an even Tinier Tiger!

Let me know what you think! Thank you everyone.

(P.S. Conservation Cub Club members get a Plush The Tiniest Tiger Gracey Kitten  free with their annual membership! Hurrah!)

The Tiniest Tiger Greeting Card Series

The Tiniest Tiger Greeting Card Series.
Stalk them and pounce!

Plush Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger!

Gracey - Color Sketch emailWe received the prototype for Plush Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger!   Now we are  waiting for a few changes. There is a little trouble with the tabby markings.  I will post a photo of the plush Gracey  when these changes are complete.  I am so excited. Thank you for your patience.