Creating a Healthy Environment For Your Cat #BetterWithPets

Happy kitty in Purina cat room

Happy in the Cat Room

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Cats, Coffee and a Big Maple Leaf

Annie Eddie maple leaf

Annie and Eddie inspect the Maple leaf

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How To Recognize Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Eddie looking a little bashful

Let’s chat about FLUTD

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New PetSafe Current Pet Fountain Giveaway

Petsafe Current Pet Fountain

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Cats Play and Pounce All Day Long

Eddie and the racetrack

Eddie claiming th Catit Super roller play circuit aka racetrack.

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Cats, Cruelty, and Compassion

cat border

Photo: fotoJagodka

Cruelty to Cat Owners

A little over a week ago, no, it will be two weeks tomorrow, I saw an image on my facebook newsfeed of a woman holding an orange cat. Looking closer at the photo there were lit candles, four of them carefully placed at each corner of what might have been a slice of cake or bread, it didn’t matter really what was on the plate, well not to me.  What caught my eye was the beautiful color of the cloth and the table it was covering. This was a celebration table.

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Cats Love To Play All Day

Eddie in Cat Ball

Eddie loves to play all day

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Cats Bring Joy into Your Home #FoodShelterLove

Annie at home

Sweet Annie!

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Cats and Dogs Can Be Best Friends #FoodShelterLove


cat and dog portrait

Photo from Deposit photos

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Happy Mother’s Day to Tigers, Lions, Cats and Humans Part Two

Happy Mother’s Day!

Our Mother’s Day post written by Gracey was one of our most popular. So Annie and Eddie thought they would follow in her paw prints and celebrate this Mother’s Day with their own tribute to the things mothers do for us for which we are grateful whether we are lions, tigers, cats or humans.

Mother’s Are Patient

Photo by metalmaus

Photo by metalmaus

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