Is Your Cat’s Veterinary Hospital AAHA Accredited? #BlogPaws

Annie and Eddie ready to go home from vet

Annie and Eddie on the way for their check-ups.

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Is Your Veterinary Hospital AAHA Accredited? #BlogPaws

Dr. Alison examianes Eddie at vet

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The Inspiration Behind The Tiniest Tiger #BlogPawsGives


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Win A 40″ LG 4K Smart LED TV in the #MyPetLovesLG4KTV Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by LG 4K TV and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping to share the funny cat and dog video and awesome giveaway, but The Tiniest Tiger only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. LG is not responsible for the content of this article.
LG 4 k tv with giveaway text

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What Greater Gift Than The Love of a Cat #AdoptAShelterPet Month

Eddie with Dickens quote

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Celebrating Summer With Our Neighbors at #TractorSupply

BBBJ for Tractor Supply

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Will you Nominate The Tiniest Tiger for the 2014 BlogPaws Awards?

Thank you so much!  Nominations are now closed.


The BlogPaws  Awards are the only awards program in which pet bloggers are judged on their expertise, creativity and performance in one or more of 12 categories by a panel of distinguished professionals.  The good news is, we don’t need to ask you to vote even once, let alone every day for weeks on end.  This makes us very happy.

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Petcurean Helps Feed Cats at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary

Petcurean Helps Feed Cats at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary

BlogPAws Award


In May, the same weekend that we lost Gracey, we won the Best Facebook Award in the 2013 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards.  Pets Add Life, Natural Balance Pet Foods and Petcurean, were the official sponsors of the awards.  Pets Add Life provided the after party food and drink and Natural Balance and Petcurean each provided prizes for the winners with donations of 200 lbs. of food each (400 lbs. total) to the shelter/rescue organization of the winner’s choice.

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BlogPaws Social Media Awards Accepting Nominations!

Nominations are Open for the 2013 BlogPaws Awards!

Gracey and the Nose to Nose Pose 2013

Nominations are being accepted for the 2013 BlogPaws Awards.  I would be honored if you would consider nominating our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club for Best Blog Writing and for Best Meow Blog.

Best Blog Writing
Best Humor Blog
Best Meow Blog
Best Cause Blog
Best Facebook Design

All entries  will be  judged on their expertise, creativity, and performance by a panel of industry professionals. Finalists will be announced on March 15, and winners will be announced at the BlogPaws 2013 conference

Nominations are open through Friday, March 8.

Click here to nominate The Tiniest Tiger

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Gracey’s Adoption Story: The Dog Pound Where I Was Found.

“This post is my entry into the BlogPaws Blog Carnival Contest sponsored by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.”

When I was a teeny tiny kitten, some mean people  didn’t want me, so they drove to the local Dog Pound and

dog pound sign

I was put in the drop box even though it said NO CATS!

plunked me down in the drop box, even though the sign said NO CATS! I don’t have  a very clear memory of this, because I was so young I wasn’t even weaned.  I remember being super cold and shivering inside that dark and smelly drop box.

The dog warden at the time was very nice. His eyes popped when he opened the drawer and found me inside. He didn’t have the heart to put me back out in the wet snow,  where it was even colder, so he picked me up and  told me he might lose his job over allowing me to stay, but then he said that would be alright too. His wife had told him to try to find another job because they already had taken home most of the dogs that were brought to the dog pound.  He said he was  just too kind-hearted for the job the county wanted him to do. He dried me off with a towel and placed me down in a big cage with a cold cement floor. He apologized for not having any cat chow, and then he said that I looked too small to eat it anyway.  He scratched me behind my ears and said maybe someone will come here soon and take you home with them. Then he added,  I sure hope so for both of our sakes.

Dog Pound

The Dog Pound where I was found.

I don’t know how much time went by, but the sun was still out when my soon to be mom and dad came into the dog pound. They were helping a friend look for his missing dog.  While my dad looked through all the cages, my mom saw me sleeping all alone in the cage and she said to the dog warden, “Oh my!  Is this your kitten?”  He said no, but that kitten can be yours.  That would keep both the kitten and me from getting into more trouble. My mom smiled and she reached down and scooped me up. She looked into my eyes and said, “Hi sweetheart.  Would you like to come home with us?”   I melted into her arms. She tucked  me inside her coat before my dad came back with no luck at finding their friend’s dog.

My dad said, “Well who is this?” and my mom answered, “This is our new kitten. What do you think?” And my dad said, “Well, you couldn’t get any cuter than that, could you?” Super Hurrah! I was going to a home.

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