Cats Play and Pounce All Day Long

Eddie and the racetrack

Eddie claiming th Catit Super roller play circuit aka racetrack.

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Cats Enjoying a Hot Summer Day

Eddie enjoying summer

Eddie enjoying a summer day

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Cat Power Tower Scratcher and Extra Carousel Giveaway!

Gracey on the Lounging Platform watching the Bird CarouselGracey Loved Her Cat Power Tower

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Eddie Thinks Annie Might Be a Magic Cat.


Eddie Prince of CPT

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Cats Observe Birds From the Safety of the Great Indoors


Birdwatching is in full swing

Spring Backyard Bird Observation is in Full Swing

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Finding Gracey’s Chow Jar

Saturday, we decided to cut the clutter  in our house.  We try to keep things in order, but even with the best of intentions, things seem to accumulate.  We began in the kitchen cleaning out all the drawers.   This seemed to be of particular interest to Annie.   She stayed right beside Paul while he sorted and organized the cookie sheets and cooling racks.

Paul and Annie cleaning drawers

Annie Takes Over

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Cat Turf Wars Battle for the Top of the Cat Power Tower

The Battle for the Top of the Cat Power Tower

Eddie Prince of CPT

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Night Falls on The Tiniest Tiger’s Sun Room

It was a long cold winter here at my habitat.  Long gray days, cold temperatures and snow, snow, snow.  Spring arrived late even though the calendar clearly stated that the Spring Equinox was on Wednesday, March 20.  In fact, Spring was so tardy in our area that our poor friend Punxsutawny Phil was at risk to be sued for his false prediction

Gracey sitting in front of closed door copy

How I spend some of my winter days

that Spring would arrive six weeks after he saw his shadow. An Ohio prosecutor suffering from cabin fever  filed a  criminal indictment against the famous Pennsylvania groundhog over his “prediction” of an early spring but dropped the charge admitting that Punxsutawney Phil had a “defense with teeth in it” .

Winter gets tiresome for me too at my habitat, because my dad is overprotective of the sun room during the off season.  He is so protective he locks up the doors and refuses to let me out when the temperature dips too far below freezing.  This is super upsetting because  the sun room, is not only MY room, but it is my favorite room in my house.

This is where I spend time with Lazy Leopard and we visit with Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, the Maple Tree  Squirrel, and many other wild friends.  Sometimes I sit in front of the closed sun room doors and try with all my might to get my dad to open the doors.  My dad is super stubborn though, he really is.  Once he gets it in his head that it is too cold for me to be out in the sun room, there is nothing I can do.

Sometimes, when my mom and I are home alone, I get to sneak out into the sun room and nap in my heated thinking circle until my dad comes home and catches us in the act!

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Keeping Your Home Cat and Human Friendly

Cat and Human Friendly Spaces

I am willing to bet that your home is like ours. I bet your little ones influence the items you choose for your living space.  Gracey on top of Cat Power TowerSometimes Paul and I wonder how a little seven pound cat took over our home, but the truth is, we adore Gracey, as you might have already guessed. If we are not vigilant, Gracey’s items begin to take over our living space.

When we moved a few years ago,  we made sure that our new space would be cat friendly. This took some planning and we endured some interesting looks from the contractors. We were even told that he wanted to be the cat that lived in our home. You will find helpful suggestions for moving to and exploring a new neighborhood with your pet, whether you are living, looking or moving, Apartment Guide will point you in the right direction.

Thankfully there are many great choices in furnishing to keep both your cat and you happy and living in style. We chose the Cat Power Tower for added vertical space for Gracey to climb and play without sacrificing  style. If you are in need of more help, the folks at Apartment Guide also have lots of tips for bringing a new pet into your apartment and helping them adjust to your home. And if you are looking of a new space to move with your pet, Apartment Guide has the photos, floor plans, features and tips to help you search for the perfect pet-friendly apartment community.

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Is Your Cat a Tree or Bush Dweller?

Sometimes I like to jump up to the top of my Cat Power Tower and survey the land. Other times, I like to sneak inside my Kat

Gracey napping on top of Cat Power Tower

Napping on top of my Cat Power Tower

Kabin and watch from down low.  I like having both options available to me at all times in my habitat.  When the sun room doors are closed and I can’t get access to my tower, I resort to jumping up behind the sofa and watching the front yard birds from the bay window.  Because of my love of both high and low places, I think I might be part leopard.

Leopards are Both  Tree  and Cave Dwellers

The leopard uses trees as observation posts,  and has been observed dragging prey several times its own weight up into a tree to cache the carcass for later meals.  The leopards’ scapula is uniquely attached to its muscles allowing the spotted cat to be   proficient at climbing and has a  locking wrist enabling  the cats superior tree climbing ability.

Even though I am not as good a climber as my big cat cousin, I like to think of myself as a leopard when I am sunning myself while napping on top of my tower.  There are times that I prefer to observe from the ground and our leopard cousins also prefer lower level living at times.

Leopards are tree dwellers

A leopard napping in a tree

While leopards are able to haul their prey up into a tree, perhaps  a more preferred method is one in which gravity works in the cats favor, and that would be dragging the carcass down into a cave. There have been references made in scientific literature about leopards using caves, including specific descriptions of caves that are leopards lairs. According to Charles Brain, author of the book The Hunters or the Hunted? An Introduction to African Cave Taphonomy, leopards use caves as retreats, feeding places, and breeding lairs.

I Feel Like a Bobcat in my Kat Kabin

Even though leopards also lurk about the ground, when I decide to curl up inside my Scratch Kabin I imagine that I am a bobcat out in the wild.

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