Maggie’s Cat Weight Loss Story #HillsPet

Maggie on her bench

Marie’s Cat Maggie

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Maggie Moves On To a New Home

Maggie in sunroom

We tried our best to  provide Maggie with a good home but it was not to be.  Maggie was accustomed to being the only cat in her home with Marie and she just didn’t seem to accept being around Annie and Eddie.  At first we thought she was just afraid and that in time and after a very slow introduction she might be able to live a happy life here with us.

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How to Calm An Anxious Cat? ThunderSpray Brings Relief for Maggie



Maggie in sunroom



Maggie Needs a Little Help to Relieve Her Stress

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Finding Gracey’s Chow Jar

Saturday, we decided to cut the clutter  in our house.  We try to keep things in order, but even with the best of intentions, things seem to accumulate.  We began in the kitchen cleaning out all the drawers.   This seemed to be of particular interest to Annie.   She stayed right beside Paul while he sorted and organized the cookie sheets and cooling racks.

Paul and Annie cleaning drawers

Annie Takes Over

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Gracey’s Legacy Helping Kids in the Class Room

Gracey’s Legacy  Living On

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

The end of August brought on a new wave of sadness for us.  August hasn’t been our favorite month for the past few years for a variety of reasons. Life threatening illnesses and injuries to good friends, losing loved ones, and this August was no exception.  Sadness has a way of sneaking up and taking you hostage if you aren’t careful.  I didn’t write  much in August and when September came, I realized that I let the month of August come and go and decided to shake off the blues.  I had some help.

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Cat Seeks Advice on How To Survive Living With Kittens

How Does a Cat Survive Living With Kittens?

Maggie St. Francis

Maggie is asking St. Francis to guide the kittens towards taking more naps.

Maggie is doing her best to acclimate. Some days are better than others for her as is to be expected.  A new home, mending her broken heart from losing Marie, new humans and kittens too is a lot of adjusting for any cat. She has made  progress since her days of hiding under the night stand and now Maggie keeps me company in the office. Right now she is curled up on the desk beside me helping me write.  I think if Maggie could speak, she might ask me, “How am I to survive living with those two kittens?”

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Cat Turf Wars Battle for the Top of the Cat Power Tower

The Battle for the Top of the Cat Power Tower

Eddie Prince of CPT

Annie and Eddie have a lot of fun playing together. Running, playing tag, chasing the red dot and more recently the battle for the top of the Cat Power Tower.    Eddie has been the [Read more…]

Summer Blues Our Message to Gracey after 8 Weeks

This entry is part 8 of 16 in the series Messages to Gracey








 We have the summer blues without you.

It is near the end of July and on this Sunday afternoon my heart broke all over again.  We were cleaning  the house and it was time to wash the Slankets.  It seemed like such a menial Bad Kitty tells kittens a storytask but when I picked them up I remembered how much you loved to snuggle on them and the wave of sorrow crashed over me. I hid in the office so your dad wouldn’t see me and I had a good cry.  Later when he saw me I told him that my red eyes were due to allergies.  He pursed his lips and nodded.

This first summer without you is also the first summer in four years that I am not heading out into the field.  I miss the adventure and learning at the Sea of Cortez,  in Kenya and in Namibia.  And to make matters worse, this is the first summer that the city didn’t open the swimming pool.  The best part of summer for me was being able to swim every morning. Fresh air, cool water and  a mile of meditation laps to start the day. But this summer, no field work, no swimming and worst of all no Gracey.

Annie and Eddie are both very sweet kittens and they sure have a lot of energy.  They make us laugh and force us to keep up with them and that is a good thing. We are so lucky that they rescued us.  Earlier today both kittens were in the office with me and they seemed to be fascinated with Bad Kitty.  I think he was telling them a story about you.

Maggie is trying to adjust to her new home but I get the feeling like me, she might think this is the worst summer ever.

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TipsyNip Tames the Kittens Tickle Gherkins Giveaway

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image

Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Wavie! Our winner of the TipsyNip Tickle Gherkins!

TipsyNip Organic Catnip Tames the Kittens

Annie and Eddie like all kittens are full of energy.  Eddie loves to play with toys and Annie loves to run and leap onto things.  When Paul and I are relaxing in the evening our view from the sofa is Maggie running from Annie towards the office and then Annie running from Maggie towards the bedroom.  Eddie joins in sometimes but for the most part is happy playing with his stuffed mice and his Tickle Tassell Ball.

Gracey loved her Tickle Pickle so much that I thought the kittens might like the new TipsyNip™ Tickle Gherkins.   Milia from TipsyNip™ Organic Catnip Products is so nice, she not only sent the Tickle Gherkins for Annie and Eddie but she sent a pair for us to giveaway to one member of The Tiniest Tiger community!  Here is what happened in our habitat when the Itty Bitty Tickle Pickles were presented to the kittens.

Annie and Eddie Ready to Rumble!

Eddie and Annie ready to rumble

Hey you two, settle down we have two Tickle Gherkins

Before I could get the second Tickle Gherkin out of the package, Annie and Eddie were getting ready to rumble. I had to hurry and show them we had two.

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New Cat In the Home Acclimating Maggie

Acclimating Maggie, Marie’s Cat into our Home

Maggie on her bench

Maggie on her bench and blanket from Marie’s hous

Maggie came into our lives after we lost our dear friend and neighbor Marie.  We had just adopted Annie and Eddie and were still trying to get two kittens adjusted to their new home when we brought Maggie home.  Maggie is only four years old so we hoped being around the kittens wouldn’t be too tough a transition.  But Maggie was used to living as an only cat and spending her time with Marie.  This was a big adjustment for her.

We brought the bench with the blanket that Maggie liked to sleep on beside Marie’s bed, a comforter that she liked to curl up on at the foot of the bed, her food and water bowl, her toys and the food she was used to eating.  We prepared our master bedroom for Maggie.  We placed her litter pan in the master bath and her bench in front of a window so she could watch the birds in the tree outside.

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