Honor Cecil by Signing World Heritage Species Petition

Cecil 2003-2015

Image credit: World Heritage Species Facebook Page

“Until the Lion Learns How to Write, Every Story will Glorify the Hunter”

                                                                                                                                                                       -African Proverb

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Heart-Warming Update From Our Lion Guardian

Lipap with Lion Guardian logo

Lipap Ole Sayioki, Lion Guardian.

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How Old Is That Lion?

Lion close up Heart of Africa

photo by Joanne McGonagle

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One Year After Cecil. Saving African Lions Today

lion and lioness

Image of Cecil by Ronna Tom

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Can Eyes Painted Onto Cows Behinds Reduce Lion Attacks?

Young Lion

Young Lion stalking in the Masai Mara @FrankParker

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Rescued South American Circus Lions Find Sanctuary in South Africa

Rescued Circus Lion

Photo courtesy of SF Chronicle

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Hidden Population of African Lions Found in Remote Ethiopia

African lioness with cub

Photo by ajiber

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A Letter from Lipap, Your Lion Guardian

Philip J. Briggs Lion Paw and Gracey Paw

We are grateful for those that care for all cats, big and small

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Lions In The Balance Giveaway

Lions in the Balance Craig Packer

Image of Dr. Craig Packer from

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Lion Cubs Born At The Columbus Zoo

Lion Cub from Columbus Zoo

Photo Courtesy of The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

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