Annie is a Sad Cat. Her Chipmunk Friend is Missing.

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Our Message to Princess Gracey after 5 Weeks

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Our Message to Princess Gracey after 5 Weeks

Gracey Pets in TiarasIt is hard to believe it has been five weeks yet at the same time it seems longer. I looked outside from the sun room and every bird feeder was empty.  Not a morsel.  So I went out into the sunlight loaded down with seed, suet and peanuts and started making the rounds.  By the time I made it to the feeder hanging from a branch on one of the big pine trees, I already began to feel better.  The pine branches have really grown. I had to separate the branches to reach the feeder.  The smell is glorious and the needles on the new growth are soft as they brush past my cheek.  I smile thinking that your dad would be worried I was wearing my sandals and no hat.  I took a deep breath of pine air and  worked my way over to the big maple tree that holds the squirrel feeder and where Bossy Backyard Blue Jay prefers to pick up his peanuts.  I see the chipmunks burrows and carefully walk around the entrance.  Filling the feeder and looking up through the leaves of the maple I realize how important being outside is to me and even if it is only for just a few moments today, it helps.

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Being Brave and Feeding Bossy Backyard Blue Jay A Message to Gracey

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It has been one week since you’ve been gone and it seems like it’s been a year to your dad and me.  A broken heart doesn’t seem to understand or follow linear time. No need to break it down into the days, weeks, months or more just so we might think we should be feeling better. We should feel exactly how we feel.   We must acquiesce.

One day this past week your dad called me and asked if I would bring home a chocolate cake for him.  “A chocolate cake?” I asked.  And he said yes, that he needed comfort food.  I teased him by asking how long do you think you will be requiring comfort food and he answered  “Oh,  about another thirty years.”  We both laughed and it felt good to laugh.  Oh and I did stop and pick out chocolate cupcakes for your dad.  And lemon cupcakes for me.  My resistance is low.

I was home today and it was the first day home alone all day without you.  I made it.  I only started to look for you a few times and when I empty heated thinking circlegot the mail, I still went out on the porch with the door shut behind me. Closing the storm door is a habit started to protect you just in case you decided to bolt out the door. You never tried to leave the house, but  I never took the chance.

I opened up the sun room for the first time today. It is unseasonably cool today so I opened the windows and let the cool breeze come into the house.  I saw your little heated thinking circle unplugged and empty.  My  heart sank and I found it hard to swallow.  But I managed to step into the room and look out onto the backyard.

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay visited me.  He was really squawking up a storm too.  I thought I would be brave and go fill the feeders and deliver his peanuts.  I decided that I would wait until your dad came home so we could go out together.

I came back into the office and worked on a few things.   I heard the lawn mower start up and jumped out of my chair to hurry and close the windows to reduce the noise. You really didn’t like the mower interrupting your thinking time in the sun room. I decided to leave the windows open and and saw your little heated thinking circle unplugged and empty.

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Bossy Backyard Blue Jay in Winter

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay

Members of our community are familiar with my buddy Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, but if you just joined us, I will give you a little background  information.  Bossy Backyard Blue Jay lives in my backyard and he gets his name from, well, let’s just say his name suits him.  He talks a lot and he thinks he is the ruler of the backyard.  Sometimes he dive bombs my dad when I send him out to fill the bird feeders around our house.  I shouldn’t laugh, but sometimes I can’t help myself.  Bossy doesn’t bother my mom, in fact he sits on a branch and chats with her.  My mom and I think it is my dad’s red hair that gets Bossy riled up.  Maybe he thinks my dad is a cardinal or a red headed woodpecker, we just don’t know.

Winter can be super cold and snowy here in Ohio so we try to make sure the birds that share our outdoor habitat have some nice food, suet and a heated water source to keep their water from freezing.  Earlier today, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay was squawking up a storm. I had just settled into my heated thinking circle for some Sunday afternoon meditation when he came knocking on the window.

Blue Jay on Maple tree

Easy there buddy! Peanuts are on the way.

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Earth Day, 2012 Small Acts Can Make a Big Difference!

Happy Earth Day to our Beloved Planet

Earth is our home sweet home! What would we do without our world?  Today is the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day. This day is the official reminder to us that we need to protect our planet from further damage and make every effort you can to clean it up!

Our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub club’s motto is Small Paws United Can Make a Big Difference™ so when I saw the call to action for Earth Day, 2012 with the motto Small Acts Can Make a Big Difference it caught my eye.


A Billion Acts of Green!

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Cats Win MegaMillions and Purchase Winnebago

Gracey's Winnebago outside

Cats win MegaMillions Loot!

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Bossy Backyard Blue Jay’s Preoccupy the Cat Giveaway!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image

Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Lisa Anne, the winner of

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay’s Preoccupy the Cat Giveaway!

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay's giveaway

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Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Cats by Bossy Backyard Blue Jay

Recently Bossy Backyard Blue Jay came to visit me in the  Sun Room to  turn in his bird food inventory request list for me to give to my parents. As the weather turns cold, our bird friends rely on us to fill their feeders with all kindsGracey, The Tiniest Tiger and Bossy Backyard Blue Jay of treats including, sunflower seeds, peanuts, suet cakes, cracked corn and more.

Well when the birds are more dependent upon the feeders, something else happens. Our outdoor cat cousins start to go on the prowl.  My little feathered friend wanted me to remind all of you to keep an eye on the cats that share your habitat.

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay mentioned that it is already October and that means we are fast approaching Halloween!  Many of our human and canine friends wear costumes to celebrate Trick or Treat night but most felines, myself included are reluctant to don apparel whether for Halloween or for any occasion.  I especially do not like anything that restricts my ear movement. ~shiver~ I can’t hardly stand to think about it. In any case, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay told me he had come up with a list of what he considers to be both creative and outstanding ideas for cat costumes this Halloween season. He asked me if he could guest post again on our Conservation Cub Club and I obliged.  Remember, his opinions are not my own.  I asked him to narrow his bird brain ideas, I mean his clever costume list to the top 5.  Without further adieu, here is his list.

The Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Cats by Bossy Backyard Blue Jay

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Hartz Angry Birds Cat Toy Review and Giveaway

Angry Birds Toys by Hartz

Hartz Angry Birds Toys are Bossy Backyard Blue Jay Approved!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah for Janet Vandenabeele the Winner of the Angry Birds Toys!

Happy September Friends! As a super exciting way to start the month, we  wanted to introduce to you, the all new, Hartz Angry Birds  cat toys!  This past weekend at blogpaws we had the opportunity to learn about these exciting new toys that will be available for the holidays.  Jennifer and Alex from Hartz invited  us  to learn about the fun new toys and they are so nice, they gave us a few toys so that we could share them with you! These toys will be heading to a retail shelve near you in October. But you can get a sneak preview right here with The Tiniest Tiger. Super Hurrah!

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Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week June 20-24

Born Free USA’s third annual Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week, June 20-24 was started with the goal of taking care of wild animals not just around the world but in your own back yards!  Adam Roberts, executive vice president of Born Free USA, says the goal of Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week, is to get people to stop, think and take action.

Small steps can lead up to making a big difference. In my backyard, you might already know that we  try our best to take care of Bossy Backyard Blue Jay and all of the birds that gather and live around our habitat.  We provide food and water, and we have trees and shrubs for shelter. We are also super lucky to have squirrels, rabbits, opossum, white tail deer, the occasional raccoon and last winter there might even have been a bobcat track through our yard. We  live in an area surrounded by neighbors that love wildlife as much as we do.

What isn’t so lucky is the wild tiger.  There are more wild tigers in captivity in the United States than there are in the wild.  Occupying a mere 6% of their original territory, the tiger faces the possibility of following the pug marks of the ghosts of the Balinese, Caspian and Javan subspecies into extinction. The South China subspecies is already extinct in the wild. The remaining, Amur (Siberian), Bengal, Indo-Chinese (including Malayan), and Sumatran subspecies only have an estimated 1000 breeding females in total.

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